Donors & Endorsements

Organizational Endorsements

  • Clark County Association of REALTORS
  • IBEW 48
  • Laborers 335 - LiUNA
  • National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington
  • Progressive Voters Guide – FUSE
  • RealVest Corporation
  • SEIU – Service Employees International Union 775
  • Sierra Club
  • SW Washington Central Labor Council
  • SW Washington Labor Council
  • The Columbian Editorial Board
  • Vancouver Firefighters IAFF 452
  • Vancouver Police Officers Guild
  • Young Democrats


  • Anne's character, integrity and deep love for our city is evident in her long record of dedicated public service over the years. Let's re-elect one of the best mayors Vancouver has had: Anne McEnerny-Ogle!
    Michele Wollert
  • The most competent, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly mayor ever! Thanks for the hard work on the I-5 bridge
    Janet Landesberg
  • #Annefan
    Jim Thomas
  • Anne has demonstrated amazing and consistent Leadership. Vancouver has been a great community. Her influence has allowed it to continue to grow. Her job has multiple priorities - she has a quality plan to address each of the community challenges.
    Ralph Stevens
  • Anne is doing a great job!!
    Alan Dickerson
  • Thanks for working so hard for the greater good.
    Don Steinke
  • Mayor Anne is a strong leader and community advocate.
    Eileen Higbie
  • In my 30+ years in involved in Vancouver community Anne was was a constant. Finding ways for neighborhoods to give voice & volunteer to make the City better. Anne is more than qualified to bring citizen voice forward.
    Becky Archibald
  • It’s vital that we vote our values, so I’ll be voting for Anne McEnerny-Ogle for a second term as Mayor of Vancouver. Anne is an effective advocate for economic opportunity and diversity in Vancouver. She also devotes a significant amount of time and effort working in the community through a variety of volunteer groups, community awareness and support. Her decades of experience and work in Clark County means she understands how our local government works – and doesn’t. I especially appreciate Anne's thoughtful leadership. She seeks out new ideas and different perspectives, weighs the alternatives, considers possible outcomes and develops reasonable positions. She’s approachable and engaged, and genuinely committed to governing well. Please join me in voting for Anne McEnerny-Ogle for Mayor!
    Kathryn Garcia-Stackpole
  • Thank you for your excellent leadership. Good luck with the campaign!
    Holly Chamberlain
  • "I have worked with Ann in many capacities from being a fellow mayor to a peer C-Tran board member in leadership. She has always shown to care about other jurisdictions well being and not just the city of Vancouver. She understands that it is important to listen to the other voices in the room and take their considerations to heart. I wholeheartedly support her for in her re-election"
    Adrian Cortes
  • Full endorsement
    Dave Letinich
  • I credit this mayor for REBUILDING the Interstate Bridge replacement process after she was elected. The rebuilding of trust from the local and county community leader level upwards toward regional and bi state levels.
    William Whipple
  • Mayor Anne has been an amazing leader for our city. She is absolutely the right choice to lead Vancouver for 4 more years.
    John Blom
  • I thank Ann for her leadership in our city, and I am happy to support her in her re-election.
    David Gellatly

Individual Donors & Endorsements

  • Carol Alice
  • Jamie Allen
  • Marian Anderson
  • Albert Angelo III
  • Becky Archibald
  • Vince Archibald
  • Lukas Bardue
  • Michelle Bart
  • Al Bauer
  • Heather Beecher
  • Melinda Bell
  • Jeanne Bennett
  • Eddie Bernstein
  • John Blom (Director of Education, Real Living)
  • Stephen Blum
  • Candy Bonneville
  • Roxeanne Boose (Veteran, American Legion)
  • Bonnie Brasure
  • Mike Briggs
  • Chris Brown
  • Don Brunell
  • Sharif Burdzik
  • Jack Burkman
  • Sherry Burkman
  • Michael Burton
  • Mike Burton
  • Joan Caley (RN, community health nurse & nursing faculty, WSU, VHA, Bridgeview, SELF, CFTH, Public Health Advisory Council)
  • Anita Cannell
  • Kim Capeloto
  • Lisa Capeloto
  • Terry Cappiello
  • Jeanne Caswell
  • John Caton
  • Linda Caton
  • Holly Chamberlain
  • Virginia Chapman
  • Paul Christensen
  • Andrew Cleveland
  • Annette Cleveland
  • Heidi Cody
  • Adrian Cortes (Mayor, City of Battle Ground, Washington)
  • Chris Crowley
  • Brian Dainty
  • Robert Day
  • Linda Dee
  • Alan Dickerson (retired)
  • Bill Dickey
  • Joe Downs
  • Tom Dudley
  • Bob Durgan
  • Susan Edwards
  • John Elkin
  • Mary Elkin
  • Rob Elkin
  • Laura Ellsworth
  • Martha Evans
  • Kate Fernald
  • Dee Anne Finken
  • Frances Foley
  • Barbara Ford
  • Russell Ford
  • Marta Franklin
  • Kathryn Garcia-Stackpole
  • Heidi Gardner
  • Shane Gardner
  • Ray Garza
  • David Gellatly (National Logistics Director, NFI)
  • Lisa Ghormley
  • Steve Ghormley
  • Linda Glover
  • Cathy Golik
  • Tony Golik
  • Deborah Gottlieb
  • Catherine Graham
  • Stacey Graham
  • Chuck Green
  • Paul Greenlee (Council Member, City of Washougal)
  • Lorenzo Guitro
  • Lorenzo Guitron
  • Eva Halter
  • Major W Harris, Jr.
  • Tanisha Harris
  • Ryan Hart
  • Sandy Hayslip
  • Denny Heck
  • Barry Hemphill
  • Nan Henriksen
  • Dion Hess
  • Bob Higbie (Retired)
  • Eileen Higbie (Retired)
  • Nate Hildebrand
  • Andrew Hill
  • Nelson Holmberg
  • Cindy Horenstein
  • Steve Horenstein
  • Deana Horton
  • Noland Hoshino
  • Rhona Sen Hoss
  • Kathy Huss (retired)
  • Jane Jacobsen
  • Janet James
  • Jesse James
  • Jim Jensen
  • Janet Johnson
  • Elie Kassab
  • Jerry Keen
  • Marsha Keen
  • Pepper Kim (Retired teacher)
  • Gayle Kimsey
  • Greg Kimsey
  • Catherine Kroll
  • Janet Landesberg
  • Phil Landesberg
  • Laurie Lebowsky
  • Marjorie Ledell
  • Thomas Lee
  • Mark Leed
  • Janet Lennon
  • Temple Lentz
  • Michael Leone
  • Dave Letinich (Retired)
  • Kelly Love
  • Jim and Liz Luce
  • Michael Lynch
  • Ceci Mains
  • Jim Mains
  • Joseph Maldonado
  • Jeremy Mancha (Community member)
  • Richard Marr
  • Sherry Marr
  • Frank Marre
  • Gordon Matthews
  • Karen McAllister
  • Laurette McAllister
  • Mary McDowell
  • Bridget McLeman
  • Dennis Megrditchain
  • Eric Merrill
  • Charlie Mitchell
  • Ben Moll
  • Betty Sue Morris
  • Catherine Morton
  • Jim Mullen
  • Terry Murphy
  • Navin Nagaraj
  • Nicoletta Natta-Graf
  • Debbie Nelson
  • Greg Nelson
  • David Nierenberg
  • Ken Nitta
  • John Ogle
  • Terry Ogle
  • Matt Olson
  • Mary Parks
  • Allison Pauletto
  • Beverly Peralta
  • Diana Perez
  • Steve Perkel
  • Paula Person
  • James K. Phelps
  • Michael Pond
  • William Pritchard
  • Magan Reed
  • Don Rhoads
  • Jennifer Rhoads
  • Elizabeth Rose
  • Nicholai Rosoff
  • Nick Ruark
  • John B Rudi
  • Michele Rudi
  • Abbi Russell
  • Kala Sagar
  • Smita Sethi
  • Loren Sickles
  • Andrew Silver
  • Kylie Silvester
  • Donna Sinclair
  • Pawneet Singh Sethi
  • Tyler Smart
  • Katlin Smith
  • Larry Smith
  • Dan Sockle
  • Deborah Speer
  • Paul Speer
  • Alona Steinke
  • Don Steinke (Climate Action of Southwest Washington)
  • Ralph Stevens (Chief Executive Officer, First Dance Ballroom Company)
  • Ty Stober
  • Elson Strahan
  • Adrienne Sylvester
  • Rick Takach
  • Joe Tanner
  • Jim Thomas
  • Jenny Thompson
  • Lisa Vance
  • Daniel Vander Ploeg
  • Nancy Vartanian
  • Bob Verrinder
  • Jan Verrinder
  • Gary Vigeant
  • William Whipple (Dem PCO 639, Clark County Democrats)
  • Holly Williams
  • Julie Williams
  • Keira Winningham
  • Maureen Winningham (Charter Review Commissioner, Pcg)
  • Michele Wollert (retired)
  • Rich Wollert (retired)
  • Erskine Wood
  • Sandy Wood
  • Rick Zahler
  • Monica Zazueta

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