I believe Vancouver's neighborhoods are the heart of the community. Neighborhood associations advocate for livability issues for a diverse population. Whether they involve the youth, veterans, elderly, the retired or families, a neighborhood association is made up of volunteers. Volunteers come together to support the social relationships in our community. We must support our neighborhood associations.

I've volunteered for more than 25 years with neighborhood associations. I've engaged residents and businesses in various enhancements from developing an art sculpture and a new park, to replacing sidewalks and trees.

We have annual picnics, which strengthen the connections between neighbors and engage the youth in a community activity. This promotes stewardship of the neighborhood. I've worked very hard to help all residents "age in place" so that our neighborhoods can be their homes for as long as possible.

Neighborhood Association -
Meetings that I've attended or groups I have been involved with

  • Meetings of 43 different neighborhood associations
  • Vancouver Neighborhood Alliance (VNA) meetings
  • Neighborhood picnics
  • Neighborhood Associations Council of Clark County (NACCC)
  • Mediation Workshops
  • Pre-application construction meetings

Neighborhood Projects that I've worked on

  • Community Forums for transportation concurrency, light rail, park construction, political
    candidates, and land use
  • Neighborhood Action Plans
  • Shumway Park
  • More than 152 trees planted over 22 years
  • Sparkle Awards
  • Graffiti Task Force


I know that with dwindling resources, our Parks Department staff has been cut. That's why our neighbors adopted our neighborhood park. We pick up litter, sweep the chips back into the play area, restock the dog mitts, wash the picnic tables, and clean the graffiti. This has been our 2 year commitment.

Neighborhood Forums

There was a proposed minor league baseball park proposed for Clark College. That proposed siting was near our neighborhood. We knew that traffic parking noise, and lighting were important issues for our livability. I arranged for the team leadership to come and talk to the neighborhoods directly impacted by the proposal.

Working with development is an important issue for me. We need businesses to grow and jobs to develop, but we must have a true voice in livability issues and public financing.

Graffiti Task Force

Graffiti isn't new, but it is a blight on our beautiful city. I'm committed to help remove and reduce graffiti in the City. After a rather serious rise in incidents of graffiti on our sidewalks, schools, parks, homes, and businesses, I joined with others to educate ourselves on tagging, gang, and other types of graffiti. After attending a full day summit on the issue with law enforcement, we came back to Vancouver with renewed energy to work on the problem. We now have several community organizations that have stepped forward to help property owners in the removal and prevention of graffiti. Our neighborhood now has a contract with the Department of Transportation to paint over graffiti on our I-5 sound wall and pick up litter.

Neighborhood Clean-Ups and Picnics

Every year for more than 25 years, I've helped organize neighborhood cleanup and picnics.

We have wonderful volunteers that help neighbors haul debris to the dumpsters, direct traffic through the drop off areas, organize the recycling area for useable items, and sort the metals for recycling.

We rake leaves out of the streets and drains and help those who can't rake their yards. More volunteers help with bike rodeos, serve ice cream, flip burgers, and sponsor the Fun Wagon. These are great benefits of a neighborhood association. We work together and play together.

Vancouver Neighborhood Alliance

I'm honored to Chair the Vancouver Neighborhood Alliance (VNA), an alliance of neighborhood leaders working together to solve problems, learn processes, and stay informed of the issues that affect our neighborhoods. We've worked with the police and fire department, studied planning, pre-application processes and graffiti. We're currently sponsoring new language for the Vancouver Municipal Code.

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